Madden 17: A Newcomer-Friendly Game

Madden NFL 17

Madden 17: A Newcomer-Friendly Game

Madden NFL 17 releases this year with many improvements. One of the developments that EA Sports introduces with this installment is a newcomer-friendly running game. It seems to be the final addition to make Madden game series even more approachable.

These improvements started when in Madden 15 defense was indicated as a fun feature. So Madden 17 seems to be aimed to preserve the similar look and feel as ball carrier and running backs will take an advantage from an analogous tips system. In the upcoming Madden NFL 17 ball carriers have visual information which let them know where the ball will end up, depending on your present trajectory. It is important not to mix it up with a hint system as it tells you where you should go. These features are made to train newcomers the true art of playing football. That is why in the Rookie and Pro difficulties you can’t event have a hit button at all while you are running.

It is known that EA Sports wanted to make Madden NFL 17 one of the most accessible of all the Madden series games. Executive producer, Seann Graddy explained: “It’s absolutely a conscious decision. One of the things we hear consistently is that Madden is a hard game to get into. The knowledge and culture of football is intimidating to many. It is also a chess match. There’s the difficulty of the UI, the mechanics, and snapping of the ball. Over time you’ll gain the muscle memory so you won’t have to rely on these guides and prompts. The goal is to open up running to people who are too comfortable with the passing game.”

For those who are worried that these training features will have an effect on the overall Madden difficulty, we have to say that you will still be able to choose fully manual gaming experience. For example, players will still be able to master their three speed tiers of the spin move and competition level players will have full control as well in Madden 17.

EA Sports also are working on the Madden presentation. Former NFL Films producer Brian Murray is in the team, taking control of the franchise’s broadcast TV visual characteristics. Madden 17 will have not only new pylon camera and improved zooms but also a multi target camera to keep an eye on key events. This will let you watch post-play videos in Madden NFL 17. There is something amazing on how EA Sports transforms traditional television and it seems not to be the end of evolution as well.

American football’s league is legendary. It’s analog Madden NFL 17 Game too. Every year game fans can’t wait for the moment to test the latest version of a game and to check what has been changed. This year is not an exception, the updated Madden NFL 17 - EA SPORTS is full of new features and upgrades. It has never been so realistic and functional! If there is anyone, who hasn’t tried it yet, it’s about time to do it. Feel the football spirit!

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