Madden NFL 17 Cover Images: Made by Fans

Madden NFL 17

Madden NFL 17 Cover Images: Made by Fans

All the Madden 17 game fans are very curious how the cover of the upcoming game would look like. So some of they designed game covers by themselves, featuring their favorite players. Fans created Madden NFL 17 covers using previous images from the game and we have to admit – they really look great.

There were 3 stars features in fan covers: Aaron Rodgers, Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady. Madden fans started discussing which player would be the greatest option to be featured in the official cover. Also, they suggested many other players who could be considered as the Madden NFL 17 cover athletes.

American football’s league is legendary. It’s analog Madden NFL 17 Game too. Every year game fans can’t wait for the moment to test the latest version of a game and to check what has been changed. This year is not an exception, the updated Madden NFL 17 - EA SPORTS is full of new features and upgrades. It has never been so realistic and functional! If there is anyone, who hasn’t tried it yet, it’s about time to do it. Feel the football spirit!

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